Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Work: Concert Poster

Concert Poster

Bauhaus! This was fun. On Wednesday, I got an email from my superiors at the IU Art Museum. They needed a concert poster, ASAP. I was given the copy and a Kandinsky woodcut to work with.

The Kandinsky was the guiding light here. It wasn't provided at a terribly high resolution. But as Kandinsky was associated with the Bauhaus school, that was okay. I'd use it as one element on a grid of black and red elements. I used the dull, newsprinty color from the woodcut for the rest of it, which might be why I felt so good about red and black. It's not a choice I make often, for some reason. Some people would think I'm crazy.

This is the sort of thing I'm really enjoying about school: the opportunity to put on different masks, to break out of old habits and impose some rules for myself on projects. Having the time to do the research necessary to pull it off (which I hope I've done here) helps a lot.

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