Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chunky toon animals!

Meet Mr. Gwumbles, a grizzly bear who is, objectively speaking, awesome.

Mr. Gwumbles

Jennie just cut the linoleum to print this guy in two colors. I hope that it comes out - we wanted it to be small enough for a roughly 3" x 5" note card, which meant some very fine detail.

I've got a bit of a dinosaur problem, so I was driven to render a feathered dinosaur called Caudipteryx in this style, which is totally new to me. I'm digging it!


Mr. Gwumbles got his name from when our dog, Mitzie, was growling for some reason or another the other night and Jennie took the chance - as she often does - to tease her with a baby voice. "Ooooh! Miss gwuff gwumbles is mad!"

Jennie hates baby talk, except for when she's teasing Mitz. It's a double standard, but then we all know that two standards are better than one.

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